Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The third miscarriage

I  never talked about it. In fact, the only other person that knows is the spouse, and I think he seriously doubts it really happened. Me too, because it was kind of surreal, and that it happened when we were not even trying to get pregnant. I'd been off the pill though, with my period more or less coming once in a while but without me really tracking it. And then it did not come for almost two months, and when it came, it came with a vengeance, that is, with heavy bleeding, some weird membranes and some cramps.

I was numb. I examined the membranes without really wanting to, and then I threw everything in the toilet and decided to go back on the pill. I tried very hard to forget it and not talk about it.

Still, today, with a friend, I talked about  my three miscarriages, not my two miscarriages... so I guess deep down I am really counting the incident as a third miscarriage. But does it  really count? I guess I will never know. It cannot be good, when something like this happens and you just brush it off and ignore it for months.