Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ack. It's that day again.

Found on facebook:

Mother's Day according to Louis C.K.: "To me, you're not a woman til you had a couple of kids and your life is in the toilet. That's really when you become a woman, when people come out of your vagina and step on your dreams."

Far be it for me to complain then, about dead people coming out of my vagina and ending up in the toilet, thus shattering my dreams.


  1. Ouch. Been there. Hugs, Pearl.

    And in response to that quote, I'll quote (roughly) from Ben Elton's Maybe Baby movie. I don't remember the exact words, but I remember Joely Richardson's character saying essentially that grief over infertility (and loss) is a uniquely female experience. And I've always thought it is as uniquely female (because our men feel it differently) as giving birth.

    Actually, you're inspiring me to blog now.

  2. Hugs- notice who said that is a man.. they don't GET it.