Friday, November 4, 2011

Poop post II

It turns out that poop girl was an expensive hire, who boasts several letters after her name. She also hails from a faraway land where, I understand, toilets look like this:

Regardless, she has been in the US for quite some time, and she should know how to use a sitting toilet by now.

Someone must have spoken to her. Or maybe she took pity on the cleaning lady, because she is now using toilet seat covers and more or less wiping the dirty surfaces. She still does a lousy job, especially given her poor aim. I hesitated about posting this, but I felt the need to share this horrible picture. You should not click on it if you're queasy.

I decided not to raise the issue with human resources because a) I am shy and lazy, and b) we are moving and, and since she is not in my team, I will not have to worry about her anymore.

I remember how stressed out  I was in July about having to move to a different cubicle. I guess I was very depressed back then and every stupid thing made me freak out.

Now we are moving everything in the lab to an entirely different building, and I could not be happier.


  1. wow that is a toilet? funny how poop gave you a different perspective on the job "move", lol!

  2. I've lived in places where the toilets look like that. And if you grow up using a toilet like that, it trains your muscles, and it is as difficult to ... erm ... perform (shall we say) ... on a Western toilet using different muscles, than it is for us to balance over a toilet like that. (I have a friend who slipped off a toilet like that - though raised several inches off the ground - and broke her ankle!)

  3. oy vey! glad you are moving to a new area. are you a chemist or something? i'm an engineer.

  4. Mali, it is true that adapting to new environments is always a challenge. Maybe I should not be so quick to judge Poop Girl, though I still feel very sorry for the cleaning lady.

    Hoping4family, I am a biochemist, although these days I do mostly analytical chemistry.

  5. I had to laugh so hard at this post - I'm sorry but I still think potty humor is funny - haven't evolved much...

    Sorry that you are dealing with the Poop Girl though, maybe a polite tutorial is in order.

    Good luck!