Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poop post

I warned you. If you don't like reading about poop, stop reading now.

Still here? OK, here we go. I work in a mostly male environment. The amount of women using the lady's room can be counted with the fingers of one hand. The cleaning lady used to tell me ours was the cleanest bathroom in the whole building.

Not anymore. The new arrival seems a normal person, but clearly she has some problems using 21st century plumbing. She apparently tries to eliminate her body waste while avoiding any contact with the toilet seat. If said body waste reaches its final destination, or ends up decorating the toilet seat or the floor, does not seem to concern her. As a result, we've been downgraded to the most disgusting bathroom in the building.

There are three stalls, and by the end of the day all three have been embellished with either solid or liquid waste. The cleaning lady sorrowfully tells me that she's complained to her supervisor and the response was that well, tough luck. Bathrooms get dirty. If she does not like it she can go find another job.

All I told her is that cleaning has more merit than dirtying. I don't think I made her feel any better.

Meanwhile, I've no idea what to do (other than going to the bathroom in the lobby). The other women using the toilet must be as disgusted and shocked as I am, especially since until recently we had a pristine, immaculate bathroom, and now we have a pigsty. Still, we're ignoring the elephant in the bathroom.

Any ideas?


  1. The building I work in shares two areas of bathrooms on our floor with several companies and I have sadly encountered certain ones that are more disgusting than the other ones. I tend to go with the one that is the cleanest most of the time. It is hard to share with others who don't give a "crap" (no pun intended, LOL) about hygiene and cleanliness. If I were you, I would from now on, head to the bahtroom in the lobby. Maybe inconvenient, but I would take that over a pigsty anyday. Good luck.

  2. Does your company (or the company who own the building) have a health and safety department? Because that may be a way of getting something done about the problem.
    But in the meanwhile, I would head down to the lobby too. I work with poop for a living and even I shuddered at your description. Good luck!

  3. hell you can't avoid the pooping elephant in the room, lol!

    can you put cheesy signs up with reminders of bathroom etiquette? a good ol' poop limerick or jingle to remind people that poop goes in the pot?

    sorry I kno this isn't funny, but funny :) If I hate many people I work with can I start pooping all over the place? I won't tell them you gave me the idea, lol

  4. That's what I was going to suggest. A note on the wall suggesting that aim and accuracy is apparently not just a man's issue. (Unless it is and some sicko is using the ladies' room.)

  5. How nasty is that! Some people just don't have a clue. I wonder what her bathroom at home looks like....disgusting! I would tell the personnel dept (if you have one) and let them determine what to do. We had issues with guys clipping their nails in their cubes...the thought of that sound still makes me gag. I was worrying that one would fly over the cube wall and onto my desk. There was also some burping and flatulence going on. One of the guys near me, a friend of mine, sent an anonymous note to human resources...what resulted was all dept managers had to address the hygiene issue with their personnel. It was funny, but it really was distracting/gross. It got better for a while, but in a few months we heard the clipping again.

    Until something gets resolved, I'd def head to the lobby!

  6. "If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat."

    We had that note posted in the stalls of the lady's restroom at my previous job.

    I haven't read the other suggestions, but in addition to that, how about getting management to buy those wall dispensers that dispense disposable seat tissues.