Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wins and Losses

You know what's back? The sex drive. I never knew it was gone. One morning I woke up and thought the spouse looked very handsome and I should make love to him, so I did. Only later did I realize that I had not felt like that in a long time.

I also got back my grooming instincts. I looked down and noticed that I had not shaved my legs in ages, and that the war zone had not been waxed and trimmed properly except for the occasional benefit of Dr. Careful. The worse part is, I have not had a manicure & pedicure in two years. I am not about to have one, because the eczema  is still troubling me, but two years is a long time, isn't it?

One thing that is fading away, I think, is the hope of conceiving and carrying to term a healthy baby.

I always thought hope was a beautiful thing to hang onto during harsh times. But six years of infertility and miscarriage taught me that hope is also a shackle that makes you put yourself through painful procedures and humiliating tests. It takes away your freedom to eat and drink what you like, have sex whenever you want, do whatever exercise you like and treat other medical conditions that you might  have.

Hope has made me move too quickly into the next cycle, accuses me of not trying hard enough, makes me ignore my boundaries, has made me be available at all times for his benefit, insists that I stop spending time with friends and family, insists that I stop participating in leisure interests and, worst of all: seems too good to be true. And what has Hope given me, after putting me through all that? Bad bruises, physical and emotional hurt and even a visit to the ER. Oh, and bitter disappointment. That, too.

Hey, I guess I've been in an abusive relationship with Hope. So if this thing with Hope does not work out and he dumps me, well, good riddance. I'm just not ready to dump him first. I still like hanging out with him.


  1. What a great post Pearl, very true.

  2. Great post. I understand all this so well. I still held on to "hope" up until this summer and then I decided I needed start enjoying the life that has been given to me - childless. I too came to the realization that my sex drive had disappeared. I haven't had a medi and pedi for years now - how sad to not been treating myself to any type of luxury/relaxation. I had lost myself to infertility...UGH. Now I am in the process of changing all of that for the better.

  3. I love your metaphor of an abusive relationship with hope. I totally get it.

    Now, run thee to the waxing shop! Treat yourself and your hubby :)

  4. so well put as always.

    good for you for getting your sex drive back! I am sooo hoping mine will return one day- it just seems like it is lost forever, lol