Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A new milestone

Guess who walked into a Babies R' Us today and actually enjoyed her shopping experience? Well, perhaps  enjoy is an exaggeration, but at least I did not hate it as much as I expected. I am sooo proud of myself... I bought a layette, a tiny dress and a couple of bibs, one of which is embroidered with two flowery owls and it says: "I love my Aunt".

All these are gifts for my sister in law, whose baby was born today. I am green with envy and crying with relief at the same time. Please note that I did not buy a single gift until the baby was born. This was a scary pregnancy with several ER visits and many months under the equivalent of house arrest, culminating with a C-section. I know a healthy baby is the best gift ever, and all my sister in law was hoping for. Still, knowing how horribly wrong this could  have ended, because I've been there myself, I feel that the mother really deserves something special. Any ideas?


  1. first of all I want to hug you and applaud you- this is a big feat and yet I am sure not easy
    As for your SIL, maybe something pampering for her like a spa day (in a few weeks of course). You can even toss in a few hours of babysitting so she can go if you are up for it. Or maybe a date night for her and her husband

  2. Congrats, on becoming an auntie (I am actually looking forward to becoming a great auntie one day due to my nieces and nephews are grown-ups now). Big congrats to you on being able to walk those baby aisles and not breakdown. I haven't had that opportunity yet. As for your SIL, what a huge relief for her and I would suggest getting catered meals brought in for them as I am sure cooking dinner will be the last thing on her mind or have time for. I bet she would so appreciate that.

  3. Hoorah!!! yes, it's a big step- I had gone through the same thing, becoming an aunt for the first time last August. However, for you to go into Babies R us is a IMMENSE step.. I hadn't yet gotten to that step. One day.. :)
    I agree with J- having dinners/prepared meals would help a lot (that is if the husband doesn't know how to cook). :)

  4. That's a huge step!

    Agree with J and Wolfers - prepared meals, which will give both mummy and daddy a little break.

  5. Congrats - both on becoming an aunt, and on the progress made personally. We all know what that feels like, and how hard it can be.

    Ideas for a gift for the mom? I've given some exotic shower-wash/toiletries before ... it's simple, but it makes the mom feel feminine and a bit special, and still a woman.

  6. Thanks for the comments... Prepared meals do seem like the best idea... alas, I live too far away and am unsure of what services are available in her area. I could not find anything online :(

    Perhaps when we do go visit (April or May) I will have thought of something. By then the spa experience will probably be very appreciated, after months of taking care of a newborn.