Thursday, April 28, 2011

To BCP or not to BCP

I got myself a new RE. I did not make an appointment well in advance, as I should have. And so, she will not see me until this BCP cycle is over.

My fault, really. I should have hurried up, but alas, I've been very busy with the new house (it's ours now!) and preparing the move, so I kept that in the back burner and now... well. Another wasted month.  OK, NOT wasted, NOT wasted, we're in recovery, we needed a break, we needed to think things through, etc.

I thought really hard about whether or not to continue taking BCP for another cycle while I wait for the appointment. I function better when I take them, but I do not want to jeopardize any tests or what I hope will be a following ART cycle.

And then, for that same reason, I don't want to give my ovaries another chance to develop cysts. I am really crossing my fingers and hoping that the cysts will be gone by now. Staying on the pill will certainly prevent more cysts from forming.

Luckily, I don't have to go to Dr. Mediocre for another BCP prescription. Back in January he prescribed the usual 12 refills. The antidepressants are another issue entirely: My prescription runs out really soon. I started tapering myself off with Dr. Funny's approval.

And in the meantime, to cheer myself up, I made a pair of socks to wear at my next RE appointment:

Due to socks being the only item of clothing one can wear from the waist down while riding the stirrups, I like really clownish and colorful ones. They make me feel a little bit less exposed.


  1. I *love* your socks!!! I knit too... well... so I like to tell myself. I've been working on a blanket since November. I'm not getting very far! ;)

  2. :) on the socks, hoping you get to start very soon!!!! So many good things going on for you right now!!

  3. Can you call the new RE and see what their opinion is about staying on the BCP- that's what I would do. Love love love the socks!!

  4. Hi...just started reading your blog and I realized we have a lot of similarities. We are the same age, we have similar technical careers (I'm a chem engineer - really a design engineer focusing on biotech), we've got dogs, you are still in treatment, and also contemplating adoption, we've both had losses, I have a UU, you have a BU, etc. Strange, but pretty cool!

    Wishing you luck with the new RE...hopefully he/she will be a good fit for you! Nice socks by the way!!!