Thursday, April 7, 2011

The toilet-shower orthogonality

These days have been all about the house, reading and signing papers and so on. We really liked this home, although it's got serious termite issues. We could go on with the sale and then spend a mint treating the house and repairing the damage. Or we could haggle a credit with the seller.

We could also walk away and look for another house.

Talking with the spouse, I asked him if this is really THE house, or if we should keep looking. Would we be happy elsewhere? Would we be happy staying in this two-bedroom apartment? It all boiled down to this: We would be happy anywhere as long as we are together, and we have at least two bathrooms.

We are simple people, aren't we? As long as toilet use and shower use can happen independently, we shall be happy.

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  1. That sounds sweet :). I agree though, unless you can't live without it, the extra money and work isn't worth it.