Thursday, March 31, 2011


We already paid the deposit to the title company. We also paid for a general inspection and a termite inspection. We secured a loan, although I had to explain why my income was so low in 2010. Well, I only worked  a little over two months, then was on sick leave, then on extended sick leave and then I quit. I had just written that I quit for health reasons, but he spouse insisted I had to explain about the miscarriage.  He does not want anyone to think that I might have a serious illness. So there it was again, on paper, our little tragedy.

I need a beer, but I have to read the inspection reports and get some quotes from contractors. I knew this process was going to be  scary, but my, it's also exhausting.

Yesterday I found myself explaining to our agent the reasons why we stayed in this apartment for five years. Truly, this is a great place to live, bad memories aside. I should be grateful we were living in a nice and convenient place that also allowed us to save for a down payment. I am even more grateful that soon we'll be living in an even nicer place of our own.

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