Monday, March 21, 2011

The little details

I posted a comment on a miracle for us about me asking the spouse to trade seats with me so I would not have to sit next to a pregnant woman during a concert. He would have done it, but in the end it was not necessary since the lady herself changed seats. Still, he rolled his eyes when I asked.

In reality the spouse is quite a thoughtful guy. He was browsing on amazon and saw a pillow that I would love, since I sometimes experience acid reflux and this pillow allows me to sleep with my upper body at an angle. He ordered it right away without even asking if I wanted it.

I also mentioned two days ago that the headphones I use when I practice piano on my electronic keyboard are falling apart, and he ordered me a pair of expensive noise canceling headphones that same day. In reality my objective is not to make any noise for him and not the other way around, but he likes pampering me.

It still puzzles me that he valiantly sails through our fertility woes without being touched by grief. It's almost as if he had some sort of teflon armor, so whatever you throw at him slides off easily. Given that this includes my anger and grief outbursts, I should actually think of it as a blessing.

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  1. haha...sometimes they are so confusing aren't they?!?! I just ordered the book about 'What he can expect when shes not' (or something like that)...we'll see if that helps! Sometimes he does/says the right things, while other times i could scream!! haha