Monday, March 14, 2011

The monetary (and other) costs of IVF

A few days ago I mentioned in a comment on AP's blog that my friend T's IVF cycles have cost around $1500 dollars each in my home country. That's because she is doing it in a public hospital with a long waiting list. Basically, she gets to do IVF for free except for the meds. If she were doing it in a private clinic, the waiting list would be much shorter (she now has to wait four months for her next cycle), but the cost would be about $10,000. Still, much less than what you pay in the US.

That said, my home country is plagued with violence, insecurity, devaluations and, in general, a bad image here in the US. I would still consider going back to do IVF, especially if I were not working, because I probably would have to stay there for the whole cycle.

Then again, I have no way of knowing if I still will be working by the time I get my ovaries checked for cysts. Also, I still don't know if I will ever want to do IVF, for a number of reasons. Among them, I have witnessed the pain the two failed IVFs have caused T and her husband. Each dead embryo was for her a painful loss. The roller coaster of fertilization and transfer ending in no pregnancy seemed to me much worse than my own experience with failed IUIs.

I wonder if other people who have done IUIs and then IVF feel different levels of grief when the preocedures fail.

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  1. What decisions.
    I have found failed ivf to feel much worse than failed iui (in my own experience). There are two reasons why: 1. with ivf the financial burdeon is heavy and it is a lot of money if it does not work 2. with iui I always felt like there was another step if this failed, with ivf you can only really keep doing IVF or move on to donor or adoption.
    good luck to you.