Saturday, March 19, 2011

My non-evolution diet

Years ago, I got this book, which convinced me to limit my carbohydrate intake. Still, I found some contradictory information in it. For example, she still likes including simple carbs in evey meal, which definitely has never worked for me. Wholegrain pasta is still pasta, raw sugar is still sugar. There's stuff in her recipes that I had to avoid almost entirely to really feel the health benefits. Also, it is kind of repetitive, and written a little bit like those self-help books that make me yawn.

I am now reading this book and realizing that I should have bought this one instead. I am not finished with it yet but I like it so far. The main premise is that our bodies have not changed much in the last 40,000 years, so why should our diet and physical activity be any different now? I agree with him regarding his diet recommendations. After all, Doritos were not around back then. He really got me thinking about legumes, which is my main source of carbs. He does not recommend them much and I agree they make me a little lethargic and I do not digest them very well.

What I cannot agree with is his exercise suggestions. The idea of imitating our paleolithic ancestors is fair enough, but doing it in the gym with weight lifting machines does not sound very paleolithic to me.

Still, I don't feel like hunting a bison and dragging the carcass back to my apartment just for the exercise. I hope the Zumba classes I've been taking twice per week since September are a good substitute. At least the music sounds primitive enough.

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