Friday, March 25, 2011

A house for us

After two years of kind of looking around, but not really trying very hard, we found a house that we like. We got a loan approval, an agent, and made an offer. We're crossing our fingers right now.

It's not a huge house, so it will not feel empty even if we never have the hypothetical kids. If we do, it has three bedrooms. It's in a neighborhood we like, that still allows the spouse to bike to work. The houses in that area are very old, mostly from the fifties. Nowadays people like bigger closests, larger bedrooms and open kitchens. This means that a lot of the houses in the area have been remodeled, and not always to our liking. We've seen quite a sample of horrors, like having to go through the kitchen in order to get to the master bedroom, having a pantry in the living room, or, the worst example, having a third bedroom that could only be accessed through the yard.

This one is simple enough and most of the work done involves simple upgrades, with no major surgeries done to the floor plan. So we're happy with this one, though we will still need to fix a few things. We did study this very carefully and we know we can afford this. But thinking of spending that much money gives me pause. As in "How many IVFs could I get done with that much money...?"


  1. Sending you good thoughts on your house offer...sounds like a great place to live. Yeah, a house purchase is a BIG purchase and you do realize how much of something else you could have got with that money.

  2. How exciting! Good luck on your offer!