Monday, August 8, 2011

The eternal wait

I am very grateful for the compassionate comments I got on my sister's situation. I did give her a short update on our infertility situation, just so she understands that, if we do get pregnant, I would like to go see her sooner rather than later. She still prefers to brave chemo on her own. Well, with her husband's help, which is all right. He is a wonderful guy.

Meanwhile, I went ahead with the last scan. Of the five follicles, four looked about the right size. I did the trigger and did get a positive ovulation result. I used the very expensive kit, the one with a smiley face. I hate those kits, and not because of the price, but because of the smiley. As if ovulation guaranteed good results.

Anyway, the IUI is done, and I am now biting my nails, as usual. I know it's only two weeks, but it feels like forever.


  1. Good luck!! I hope your two week wait goes by fast!

  2. I think it's good you shared this with your sister. Everyone handles treatments and their diagnosis differently.
    Good luck and hoping the TTW goes quick :)

  3. Hate the digital smileys too!!!

    good luck and hoping the 2 weeks fly by!

  4. great news about the IUI- I hate that kit too but hate the other cheaper ones even more with me having to figure out what line is darker, no thank you.
    wishing you and your sister well

  5. Ah! I agree with you on the digital smileys...

    I'm so glad you talked to your sister about everything...Hope that the next 2 weeks pass quickly and that you get a BFP!!

  6. good luck with the drives me crazy
    wishing you a BFP!

  7. i hear ya about the smiley faces. i remember when my friends gave me a box of ovulation predictor kits along with a candle, some kind of lotion called "love potion" or something like that, and some if it was that easy. to think.

    hope this is your miracle cycle!!! :)