Saturday, September 3, 2011

Car Decals

I took a break and went to my happy place for a few days. It worked, I am happier and certainly at peace, although I still have no clue about what the next step will be.

Meanwhile, I noticed that yesterday Julie, from  a little pregnant, made a reference to xkcd's decal cartoon:

She designed her own infertility decal, which I am copying here in case you missed it:

Well, I designed my own decal a long time ago. I call it the Freak and the Geek.

I'm not telling who is who.


  1. Where Can I get some/???

  2. LOVE the infertility ones!! hilarious!

  3. I know, Julie has a great sense of humour. I made my decals with vinyl paints for making glass static clings. I don't think they can stand a normal car wash, so I stick them in the inside.