Sunday, September 25, 2011

What is it with women?

Our 9th anniversary is fast approaching. Yesterday, at the opera, the spouse and I had some bubbly between two acts.

A friend of ours who knows this is something we never do (the bubbly between acts) asked what the occasion was, and we informed him of the upcoming anniversary. He congratulated us and made some jokes. Children were never mentioned.

It dawned on me that all my women friends  have had something to say about us being married for so long and not having kids. Some know about our struggle in detail, and feel the need to comfort me about my childless situation instead of congratulate me for staying married for so long. Some don't have much information, and make stupid jokes about how I should not waste more time and get to it, or that they could not imagine being married that long and not have any kids.

Most of these women have good intentions and I try not to take anything personally. Still, I wonder why kids are so important for women, while men simply do not think about them much.


  1. congratulations on 9 years....sounds like a wonderful celebration --opera and champagne!

  2. OMG I think the same thing. I have said this to my husband many times and feel that he gets far less comments than I do about kids- not only do men comment less but the comments get directed at the women not the men!

    On another note, congrats on your 9 yr anniversary. Hoping you enjoyed the day together and you have certainly earned that champagne.