Monday, December 5, 2011


O boy, I wrote I was a lucky woman  for being able to go to a recital this Saturday, and then drove over there and had a major, monumental, blasting rage episode triggered by the city traffic, compounded by emergency vehicles, tourist buses and aggressive drivers. The spouse even considered missing the recital and taking  me somewhere else to calm down. But even in the middle of my tantrum I knew that if I missed this, I was going to hate myself even more. And so we went.

This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, to see Frederica Von Stade before she retires, together with very accomplished Opera stars, half of which are retired. And of course, the highlight of the night for me was to hear Joyce di Donato sing a very challenging aria. Even the critics agree with me, she stole the show.

Here she is, during a rehearsal, (almost) not losing her concentration in spite of all the clowining around (the clowns are a world known composer and two of the most accomplished opera divas of our age):

By then I was feeling much better, and I truly enjoyed the show until the very end.

But then came the encore. Frederica Von Stade sang Jenny Rebecca (she had previously explained that her first daughter was named after that song). And then I cried, obviously, because my babies never got to be four days old, and all those swings, trees, days, toys, grass, sun, ponies, wind, etc. all sound like a major waste.

If you've ever experienced infertility or miscarriage, avoid that song like the plague.

The spouse drove back after the recital, and tactfully suggested getting my medication adjusted.

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  1. We all have these days. Rage hits. Sadness hits. You're never quite sure. But I hope Joy hits you soon too.