Sunday, December 18, 2011

Say what?

My brother in law is here and we're having a good time. My father is coming this Tuesday. My mother is not coming, which is sad, but I understand. I am glad that my father decided to come anyway, even if I know he did not want to leave my mother behind.

Anyway, Plan A was to buy twin beds for my parents to sleep on, and to let my brother in law use the sofa bed. My brother in law arrived and we had not yet bought those beds. Plan B, in case we failed to buy the beds on time, was to put my parents in the sofa bed and my brother in law in the inflatable bed. Yesterday we dragged my brother in law to a furniture store while we finally chose some beds, avoiding Plan B.

My brother in law would have much preferred to do something more touristy, but he understood our need. Luckily, he had just bought a new phone (electronics are cheaper in the US) and he stayed busy playing with it and learning his way around the new features, while the spouse and I discussed beds and mattresses.

Those twin beds are going into the room that I would very much like to turn into a nursery one day. We have discussed the issue of fostering without deciding anything, but if we want to foster a young child, what we need is a cradle, not a bed, much less two. But the spouse does not even want to talk about furniture for a foster kid, and he really wants a functional guest room, since that is what we need right now.

So imagine my surprise when, as we walked out of the furniture store, the spouse said out loud: "You should also buy a cradle."

He meant, of course, a cradle for my brother in law's new phone. Luckily, I realized what he meant before I said something stupid. Still, for a couple of seconds, I was elated.

Oh well.


  1. Hi Pearl, have a lot going on this holiday season with your family visiting. Hope you enjoy your time together.

    Maybe DH is processing this stuff in his own time...and maybe you'll soon be surprised by a change in heart. Thinking of you!