Sunday, January 1, 2012

A brand new year!

It's nice to start a new year with family around us, even if there's only four of us. It made for a relaxed Christmas too, without any of the stress I usually find attached to holidays. As I explore my new toy (a chromebook) I came across this article.

There's a list there of words that last year suffered, as the article explains, overuse, misuse and general uselessness. Among them, "baby bump". OK, this means it was not me the only one noticing the word everywhere. It's good to know I am not paranoid.

But "pet parents"? Apparently that raised a few brows too. Not that I would ever refer to myself as the yellow dog's mommy, but it seems that those who put together the list really wanted to be "fair and balanced", doesn't it?


  1. Lucky you - a chromebook!

    Happy New Year, Pearl!

  2. Baby bump and "bump watch" make me want to scream, lol.

    happy new year!