Saturday, January 7, 2012

Battling the "wig"

One of the gifts of PCOS is hirsutism. Which is a polite way to say that you might look like a werewolf. Actually, the worst that ever happened to me was to grow a mustache, and that was when I was overweight. My legs and underarms have what I consider normal hairiness, which I can control with a razor. But I do have unsightly hair on my belly and bikini area (not that you'd ever see me in a bikini).

When I reached my teens it was impossible to wear any kind of swimsuit without exposing some hair. Even granny style boy shorts are not enough. I've never met a single woman (and I've seen plenty of naked women) whose hairline extended so much as mine does. I cannot use a razor because I get bumps. Depilatory creams are a hazard (eczema, remember?) and so, waxing it is.

Last week, while we still had guests, we made an impromptu trip to some hot springs, and I did not have time to make an appointment. So I did the unthinkable: I used a depilatory cream. It did say it was for sensitive skin, so I took the risk. I applied plenty of cortisone after the deed, and in the two following days, just in case.

All went well, and I did not get a reaction. But now, more than a week later, all of a sudden I got itchy bumps. Nothing seems to be working, not even my anti-itch ointments.

So now, as I try my best no to scratch my crotch in public, I promise myself to stick to wax forever.


  1. Have you looked into laser hair removal? I did my bikini area and love it! Also, apply neosporin after shaving and it helps with the bumps.

  2. Indeed, I keep telling myself that lase is the way to go, but I keep putting it off. Is it true that it removes the hair forever?

  3. I'm just finishing a year long course of laser hair removal on my bikini line (despite my advanced age and fact a bikini will never be worn again). I love it! Waxing just made my hair grow more, and start creeping down my leg. The IPL is great - the hair hasn't regrown, and I don't have to worry now (and heading to a beach in a few weeks, free of worry for the first time). It does cost a lot though - and I'm finding these days it hurts (didn't hurt at the beginning) more, but other than that, I highly recommend it.