Thursday, January 12, 2012

PCOS joke

I sometimes read xkcd. A few of the jokes are way over my head, but I also enjoy a lot of them. I had missed this one, which deals with absurd mnemonics. Here's the one for Geologic periods.

It's nice to know that someone is spreading awareness on this condition. This answers a very common question: So why are you taking contraceptives if you want to get pregnant? Well, thanks to them I know when my period is coming, instead of getting it unexpectedly four to five times per year. It usually lasts a couple of days instead of two weeks, and therefore I don't get anemia, tiredness, irritability or maxi-pad rash. I also do not get bloated and don't get as much acne or unwanted hair as when I am not taking them.

My years of not taking BCPs never resulted in a pregnancy. My only two pregnancies were achieved through artificial hormones. So allow me my contraceptives for now.

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