Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vacation, family, and more MTHFR findings

I'm horribly jet-lagged in spite of having arrived on Tuesday. I hope my internal clock normalizes soon because I have a lot of catching up to do.

Boy, this trip was intense. All in all we visited three countries. My sister is doing extremely well. If it were not for the bald head, you would not know she is undergoing chemo. And the best news: It's working! God willing, she'll beat this beast on her first round. My parents were also there so I got to spend a weekend with them, and I stayed a little bit over a week with my in-laws.

Whenever I stay with them I realize why the spouse puts up with me: He's had to put up with his mother all his life. She is a kind, loving person, but she happens to have a mental illness that she managed rather well all her  life, until menopause. She is still very  much under control, but she is very disorganized, is always late, loses her keys, IDs and other valuables constantly, and sometimes spends money recklessly.

After such visits I wonder if the spouse chose me because of my gloomy moods and my stinginess.

Speaking of gloomy moods, I found out that  MTHFR polymorphism carriers, such as myself, are more likely to suffer depression, bipolar disorder or schizofrenia. This, of course, in addition to anemia, miscarriage, birth defects, heart disease, blood clots etc.

What I suspect is that having doctors tell you constantly that you are a lazy bum who refuses to follow their instructions can drive you nuts, whether you carry the polymorphism or not.

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