Saturday, June 11, 2011

Any good reads?

I appreciate the suggestions I got for trying to get distracted during this time and am also grateful for the good wishes. I am trying my best not to think much of the outcome of this procedure, though the cramping makes it hard not to think about the procedure itself.

I cannot find much information, but it seems that artificial insemination was specifically developed for cows. I wonder if anyone has bothered writing a book on the history of ARTs. It should make an interesting read.

There's plenty of books on ART on Amazon, I've read a few of them. Or attempted to read them, given that many of them are written in the so patronizing way of self-help books that I try to avoid at all costs.Truth be told, there is no book out there on ART that I have found helpful. Except for the description of the treatments available, none of them seems to really talk to me. I read them and I feel like the authors are talking to someone else, some woman who will actually achieve motherhood, no matter what. And, forgive the negativity, but I yearn for a book that tells me that it is all right if I don't get there. These days I am reading Do I Want to Be a Mom? by Diana Dell. The spouse commented that it's kind of late to be reading that, since the IUI is done already.

And yet I find the book appealing. It explores the many aspects of motherhood that at some point or another have caused different women to worry about the decision. The decision was made for us many years ago: We definitely want to be parents. But reading all these different opinions reaffirms my decision and at the same tame allows me to appreciate what being child free would entail.

Does anyone have a good book to recommend?


  1. I don't have any good IF books to recommend but if you want a really good read that has nothing to do with IF I just read Water for Elephants and it was so good I couldn't put it down! That will help you get your mind off the 2ww!!

  2. I'm a two time miscarrier and the one book I really liked was a book about recurrent miscarriage- it is a truly superior effort into understanding the crapfest that is recurrent pregnancy loss, and also gives one hope for the future, I thought.

    Its called 'coming to term'- I have alink for it on my blog.

    Best of luck with this IUI!

  3. Here are the Books that I have found most helpful for a variety of reasons. Check out and you can get used copies really cheap. Hope you find something that comforts you.
    Every Drunken Cheerleader: Why Not Me? By Kristine Waits
    Waiting for Daisy By Peggy Orenstein
    If at First You Don’t Conceive By Dr. William Schoolcraft
    Conquering Infertility By Dr. Alice Domar
    Infertility Survival Handbook By Elizabeth Swire- Falker
    Fit for Fertility by Michael Dooley
    Fertility Cycles and Nutrition
    Pennies from Heaven (for couples to read at night)