Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yahoo is evil

I've wasted a lot of time with yahoo's ad interest manager trying to avoid baby themed ads each time I check my mail. Bottomline: it cannot be done. I can tell them what categories I am interested in, which ones I am not interested in (like family and children) but not what I want to avoid at all costs.

These days I am, of course, thinking of baby, but not too much, as I know very well that getting my hopes up will translate in deeper pain if this cycle does not work out. Having yahoo welcome me with this ad was definitely not helpful.

Please understand that I am not a mommy-or-baby-phobic. When I check my facebook account, I do so knowing that I will be met by lots of pictures of other people's kids and babies. And it's OK, those are my friends' kids. I love my friends and I celebrate their families, and am happy to see those kids because I have a connection with them. But having cute and unexpected babies popping into my screen when I don't expect them is not cool. Plus, as much as I agree with pampers in that every baby should be celebrated, supported and protected, it only made me very sad to think that I never had the chance to celebrate, support and/or protect my own babies.


  1. I use gmail and there aren't any ads like this- maybe you should make a switch!

  2. I had a gut reaction when I first saw this ad too. The only thing that tempered it was that I remembered the tv ad which pointed out mothers are made in many different ways (You Tube: Pampers. For Every Little Miracle). Still, it stings, if even for a moment.

  3. Google ads are also vicious - they detect what you're talking about on a blog or chat room, and put in ads that are supposed to relate. But if we mention pregnancy loss, lo and behold all these ads about being happily pregnant appear. And yes, they all hurt.

  4. hysterical but so true. I hate the facebook ads I get, since I am a "fan" of resolve I get all these magical fertility cure ads- sucks. no magic answer here...