Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three follicles

I still have no internet at home. I am posting this from the library, and the picture was quite a challenge. I had my first scan today, and it showed a total of three promising follicles and, as usual, a bunch of tiny cysts. The doctor dedided to keep me going at the current dose. I'll be seen again this Saturday.

There's plenty of things that went wrong with the move, and that are wrong with the new house, but am very happy about having moved. No more stairs! No more hauling laundry across a parking lot! But the truth is, it is those three follicles who keep me smiling.


  1. hoping that things move in the right direction! Glad you are happy in you new space
    P.S. cute socks.

  2. Grow follies, grow!! Love the socks!!