Monday, May 30, 2011

In limbo

Phone and internet do  not work yet in the new house. We still have internet in our old apartment, which I should be emptying and cleaning right now since I have to turn in the keys tomorrow.

So I really should not be blogging, I should be hurrying up with everything else that needs to be done and did not get done on time due to a bad cold and sprained back (me), leg injury (the spouse), and an idiotic mistake at the pharmacy that was supposed to supply my syringes so I could start injecting FSH yesterday.

I wasted all Saturday writing desperate emails, making phone calls and biting my nails at the pharmacy. But thanks to the new RE and her availability over email it kind of got sorted out. I did not get exactly what she prescribed, but at least I was able to start shooting up.

Which reminds me again how grateful I am that my doctor is willing to get in touch through email, and the fact that she was available during memorial day weekend.

I hope everyone else had a better use of their time during this holiday. I will start reading blogs again and making comments as soon as the phone/internet conundrum is solved.

1 comment:

  1. oh no! I'm glad it got somewhat sorted out. I hope the rest of your weekend starts looking up!