Monday, May 16, 2011

No septum!

That is the good news. There is, however, a small indentation on the top of my uterus. The new RE insists this is not a problem and we should go ahead with the next cycle.

But first, we need the spouse to get tested for a bunch of infectious diseases, that is California law. How then, is it that Dr. Mediocre performed two IUI's and scheduled another three without ever getting the spouse tested? One more point against him.

Not that we have anything to worry about. We've been tested over and over thanks to immigration tramits.

I took two vicodins before the hysterosonogram. I cramped a little bit, and right now I have some mild discomfort, but nothing like the torture I underwent during and after the hysterosalpingogram. I will never know if the pain level is different for those two procedures or if the vicodin made the difference.

Or maybe it was the socks. This particular pair always cheers me up.


  1. love the socks:)
    I have heard of many people having a subtle dent that is not expected to be an issue. I am sure you can find other ladies in this same boat in the community. wishing you so much luck with this next cycle

  2. oh that is great news!! And I love the socks :)