Friday, May 13, 2011

Waiting time for T

My friend T kept very quiet about her latest IVF cycle until now, a week after transfer. She is now waiting for her first blood draw and trying very hard not to pee on a stick.

As we chatted about it I told her about my upcoming hysterosonogram. She said hers was as painful as the hysterosalpingogram. Oh no! I was told it was not that bad.

Oh well, I still have lots of leftover vicodins. This time I'm prepared.


  1. Best of luck your your friend :)
    I have heard multiple differences with the HSG' of mine was terrible, while another just caused light cramping; no biggy. Hope yours is easy breezy!

  2. I've had two HSGs - no pain with either of them, and the results couldn't have been more different (one clear, the second showed two blocked tubes). Wishing you luck.