Sunday, January 23, 2011

Long distance support

In the middle of my period-less annoyance, I am keeping in touch with T, one of my best friends from college who is undergoing IVF. Since she already has too much on her plate, I kept my silly problem private.

She had retrieval on Thursday and she happily emailed  me to tell me that 5 eggs were retrieved and two were fertilized successfully. She was supposed to call in on Friday to see how her two embryos were doing, and then come back yesterday to have them transferred.

I did not hear from her on Friday, so I called her and found out that the two embryos were not doing as well as expected. They were subdividing, but not at the healthiest rate. Still, they did not cancel transference, and she was supposed to hope for the best and show up for transference yesterday morning anyway.

I have not heard from her. I sent her a support email yesterday evening, but still no word. I don't want to call her, and I am assuming that when she feels like talking she will contact me and the other friends who have been cheering her up throughout the whole process.

But if I don't call, will she feel neglected? I wish I knew what to do.


  1. I think calling and giving her the option to answer is the best. I have a best friend that has not called since I emailed the update on our planned transfer and haven't heard from her. It hurts. Sending prayers for her as well...uggg this IF world SUCKS!

  2. I agree with the above comment, you can also text or send an email. sometimes I will even say "no need to call me back, but just wanted you to know that I am here when you are ready to talk", This wasy she knows you are thinking of her but feels no pressure to respond right away.
    For me, it takes me a little time to feel up to calls and contact when a cycle has gone poorly.