Monday, January 31, 2011


For some reason I thought I was well enough to go to work. And really, I hardly had any pain or discomfort. I only popped a vicodin around 1 pm when I felt a little pain.

What I did not expect was the exhaustion. Which is bad, when I'm tired I am unhappy, impatient and snappy. I tried to keep myself in check for the sake of the spouse, who deserves better.

I really could have stayed home today, my presence was not absolutely necessary at work. Yet, the fact that I am a contractor and I don't get any sick leave probably influenced my decision. Who cares? My health is more important than any money I'm making. It's just that I already feel like the laziest employee on the floor because I work exactly 40 hours per week. It's what my contract states, but you see people here that easily put in 50 or more hours per week. Just today I was dealing with data that my boss produced yesterday.

For heavens sake, if they ever hire me permanently, is that what they will expect of me?

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