Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sorry, no IUI. Care for a UTI?

So I have a urinary tract infection. I did not know I had one, until the pain got so bad that I ended up in the hospital. All that frequent urination that in the beginning seemed like a pregnancy symptom had an entirely different cause. At least I am not crazy. I thought I was peeing all the time because my psyche was messing with me.

This was going to be my weekend of sushi, raw oysters, prosciutto, brie and wine. Instead I am in bed with cipro and vicodin. At least I am home now.

And I am totally blaming Dr. Mediocre and the last follicle scan he did. The incubation period checks. Sure, he was wearing new gloves, but those gloves you pull out of a box? They aren't really sterile. He did put a sterile condom on the dildocam. He covered the condom with lubricating gel, which is purportedly sterile, at least when unopened.

In other words, he did what he was supposed to do and I should not really be mad at him. I guess I was just unlucky.

When I was asked if I had ever experienced such pain, I could only think of the miscarriage. At least this time they drugged me so the pain went away. When I miscarried they did not dare drug me too much because my blood pressure was too low, so I had to basically go through labor unmedicated.

The service is still crappy. Oh, the personnel is nice but they just are not good at reading charts or talking to each other. I had to tell the same story four times. A doctor came in to explain that he was doing a pregnancy test to see if he could order a CAT scan. This after already explaining upon admission that I had had two negative HPTs. I guess he really had to be sure.

The test results came back, and the doctor ordered the CAT scan. But at radiology, the technician asked me about my last period and started arguing with the nurse, totally ignoring my claim that according to the ER doctor I was not pregnant. I wonder how they can operate such a delicate piece of equipment if they cannot bother to read a chart. They finally did and performed the scan.

The ER doctor that decided to keep  me overnight ordered me not to eat after midnight, since the urologist might want to do a procedure today. I explained I had not eaten since lunch so he ordered me a turkey sandwich. At that point, I should have sent the spouse to get me a cheeseburger. Instead, we waited endlessly for the food to come.

At eleven thirty I became a crybaby and begged for food. All I got was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, soda and crackers. Carbs, carbs and carbs, not the best for PCOS. I begged for milk and it was handed to me as I was being moved from the ER to a regular hospital room. Once there, they wanted to take away my sandwich and milk and treated me like a spoiled brat for not giving in and gobbling everything up. Don't you love it when nurses roll their eyes? They ignored my claim that I was allowed to eat before midnight. THEN they read the chart and saw that yes, I still had like a five minute grace period and they let me finish, and even gave me water.

This morning, the urologist came as my breakfast tray was being rolled in (didn't they read the chart? I was not supposed to have breakfast). The nurse turned them away. The urologist decided not to do a procedure and let me go home with my antibiotics and pain killers. Did I get my breakfast then? No, again, I had to beg for it. It came two hours late, but it came, so I should not complain. It was a bagel with apple juice and a banana. Again, carbs, carbs and carbs.

As soon as I got home I had some prosciutto. Not the meal I had planned. But it was wonderful.

I also had a long nap and I intend to take another one.


  1. oh gosh....feel better and rest up!

  2. That sounds terrible I am so sorry! I hope you feel better very soon!

  3. How awful. Hope you get better very soon.