Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giving my time

Thinking on the previous post , I want to point out that I always do volunteer work whenever I am unemployed. In my last volunteer position I was supposed to help out with translations and be an interpreter when needed. I ended up instead filing documents, updating databases and doing some number crunching. Overall, I did not enjoy the experience, as has been the case with other volunteer positions.

I think the issue is that I always volunteer in positions related to the hispanic community, and boy, are we fertile folks! Except me, of course. Somehow I always end up with someone's baby on my lap and lots of small talk about parenting.

I don't want to discriminate against my own community, but I really have to stay away for a while. My current work contract is for three months. After that, I'll probably seek another volunteer position, but not as a Spanish interpreter. I'm not sure what I will do, and maybe it's better to put it off until later. Who knows? Maybe this positions turns to be permanent and I get to keep working instead.

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