Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yet again...

My period is late. Which  in my case is perfectly normal, given my PCOS. Except that I am not on a natural cycle. I was given progesterone precisely to trigger my period. I took it from days 15 to day 24. Today is day 33.

No, I have not done a HPT. Why bother? On day 14, I had a follicle scan after taking clomid (way too much clomid, IMHO). There were no mature follicles, just a bunch of cysts. The cycle was declared a failure, the IUI cancelled. So, if there were no follicles, there were no eggs.

Since I did not get the hCG trigger injection, even in the remote case of there being an egg, there would have been no ovulation, as is usually the case with me. And in the even more remote and improbable case of ovulation, I did not have an IUI. I was never able to get pregnant without one. So, no fertilization.

And that's why I haven't bothered to pee on a stick. Makes no sense. Aunt Flo is coming, just you wait.

Still, I stopped the antidepressants two days ago. Just in case, you know?

Oh, who am I kidding?  I should just keep popping pills. And have a beer while I'm at it. And some live oysters, why not?

Because I don't dare to, that's why.

I'm an idiot.


  1. ugh, I hate this part. My period is late too (hpt negative so no magical pregnancy). wishing the period gods smile on both of soon enough so we can just can on with it. Actually, in your case, I am wishing for that miracal pregnancy.

  2. I hate to hear this! This IF life can be cruel and unrelenting. I hate that progesterone can make your period delayed-it's an evil trick. i understand the medical world showed you one thing, but I have seen miracles happen...