Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random thoughts during 2ww

1) I went way beyond the limit on my cell phone plan. Mostly because of calls to and from contractors and movers. I feel very stupid about it.
2) Our rent deposit came back. They only deducted $170 for cleaning. Not bad, considering that the old dog gradually became incontinent, or that the yellow dog came to us not yet housebroken. I had also broken a door (it was a flimsy door! Not my fault!) and had used many anchors on the drywall.
3) The yellow dog is getting a haircut this Friday. I usually groom her myself but I just don't have the energy and she's beginning to look like a raggy mop.
4) I saw a teenager riding his bike with no helmet, and no hands! And I felt very sorry for his mother, thinking she might have done three IUIs and nine IVFs just to bring this kid to this world.
5) Something hacked my yahoo mail account and sent six spam emails in less than a minute, each one of them to multiple recipients. I reset my password but I still feel violated and insecure.
6) It's nice to have a garden, but I have snails and mites. I have a lot of poisonous chemicals in the garage left by the previous owner but I am very afraid of them.
7) I ordered a composter from Home Depot. The spouse doubts my ability to turn food scraps and yard waste into compost. I felt very confident that after so many years of dealing with bacteria in bioreactors I'd be fine.  I also felt very confident that I was going to be able to assemble it on my own, but ended up requesting the spouse's help. Which of course eroded  my confidence.
8) I am grateful for all the book recommendations. My library has a few, and I can get others through inter-library loan. Only one of them was immediately available but, since it deals with miscarriage, and miscarriage is one of the thoughts I am trying to stay away from, I'll save that one until later.
9) I started a lace shawl, because lace requires lots of concentration and it does not allow my mind wander into negative thoughts. Unfortunately it does not allow me to read or watch movies while I knit, either.
10) I am peeing a lot. Which does not mean much. It's finally Summer int he Bay Area and I am drinking way too much water. Or maybe I am having another UTI. Or maybe, just maybe, I am pregnant.

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