Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 44

With all the recent excitement I kind of neglected this issue. I am still awaiting my period. I know I should call Dr. Mediocre but I kind of want to put that off as much as I can. Plus, do I really want to see him ever again? Not really.

I also need to see the urologist for a follow up.  Maybe he'll have some ideas, or as a minimum recommend someone else...

As for the knitting event, I have not bought my ticket yet. Instead, I spoke to L, whom I met last Summer through HAND. She also happens to be a knitter and is happy to come with me. So now I have to buy tickets for both of us.

I feel a bit uneasy. What if I am unhappy and want to leave early? Will I be spoiling the fun for her? On the other hand, I believe she is the one person that will totally understand me if that happens.

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