Monday, February 7, 2011

Doggy pictures!

Of course we made more pictures but  the spouse has yet to email them to me. So I copied the pictures from the rescue webpages. After all , these are the pictures I saw when I decided I wanted her.

I like that she's small, cute and curly like my old dog, but she's different enough that she does not remind me of him. For starters, she's YELLOW.  She has brown nose, eyes and ears. The defunct pooch was all white with black eyes and nose. He was taller, but she has a longer body. He had a very thin coat,while hers is thick, a little less curly and has guard hairs. Her face is completely different.
And the energy! I had forgotten what it was like to have a young dog. She's about two years old, so she is no puppy. But compared to my senile pooch she is amazingly playful. I was told she was a picky eater,  but she gobbled everything up, in contrast to my anorexic dog who needed a lot of coaxing.

She has had two accidents, and she took them well. I thought maybe she'd resent me after scolding her but a minute later she was again following me around. We'll see what happens today, when she will be home alone while we are at work.

I believe she's a keeper!