Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm PO

Remember my friend K? She's been working full time and paying for daycare. Her husband has not put a single penny towards that expense. In fact, his only contribution to the household is paying the mortgage, a hefty sum, but not even close to the sum of other expenses. He does this just to spite her, probably to give her one more reason to leave him.

She is about to make a major career decision that translates into a major pay cut. He, of course, is not supportive and will still not contribute towards daycare. This means that the kid might end up in granny's care, which is not ideal, given her advanced age and the fact that she cannot read or write.

He does not care. He would rather put his baby at risk than put a penny towards daycare. And he does not do this because he cannot afford it. Like I said, he just wants to upset his wife.  It is unbelievable, but for this madman, his major priority in life is to make his wife unhappy. That, and watching baseball. Everything else, including his child's well being (not to  mention a healthy relationship) is secondary.

So of course I was furious when she told me about it. I usually try to stay cool, knowing that there is always more than one side to a story, but this was too much for childless me. I was blabbering on about how he should be grateful to be a father, and that he should make everything he could for his baby, when I realized that I was probably the worst person to share this problem with. I cannot offer any solutions, and I am heavily biased against her idiot husband.

Infertility really messes up with my objectivity.


  1. That guy sounds like a terrible husband and father- how sad for your friend :(

  2. That sounds awful!!!