Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilt Guild

I love quilts. I will never make one, although I participated once in making one. My square was simply decorated with crocheted butterflies, since I am more of a yarn person. I also participated in the quilting bee, when we put all squares together. That experience alone proved to me that I should stick to knitting and crocheting.

Yesterday I went to a quilt show and had a great time. I saw the regular wedding quilts, anniversary quilts, retirement quilts and, of course, plenty of baby and kiddie quilts, enough to make my ovaries ache. But overall, I had a great time.

I enjoyed the artistic quilts, especially this one:

It's called Death Touches Us All, by Thom Atkins. Its value is $2,800. Some would call it morbid, but I liked it. We all have to die one day, and throughout our lives, loved ones will be dying all around us. It's comforting to think that one day we will all be together... at least it is comforting to me.

Too bad I have better uses for $2,800 like, say, saving for the next round of ART.

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